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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Premium Username Password for many Sites..!!

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Info: Some of above ID-PASSWORD may not work!!
Most of them are working well..!!


Sudhesh said...

excellent work man...

aumdevsinh said...

its amazing man how could u got such information dear ? Excellent hardy....

ashok said...

dude megashare accounts are not working

Țђ€ Я0©Ҝ said...

it is working man..
note the difference between megashare
and megashares

they both are diffrent

ronak said...

hey can u give me rapidshare premium password
plz give me on my orkut acc...

Shiven said... passwords are nt working....can u giv me dat...

sun said...

rapidshare premium details plzzzz

Sagar (Admin) said...

awesome stuff

Sagar (Admin) said...

Hi guys check ot ma blog

battlenexustnmt said...

plzzzzz send me a rapidshare account
here downloading link's are of that's y plzzzzzz send me the rapidshare account
my id is

Rahul Narani said...

none of these accounts are working man.....
post some other accounts which can work plzzz

vinu said...

can you give me the account and password for MEGAUPLOAD or RAPIDSHARE
plz post to my email

Shiman999 said...

excelent work.. but many of them are not working.. can u please update it...

rahul said...

update your blog yar none of the password is working man

Rachit said...

Dear Hardy I wanna to get access naughty You posted some username and passwords here, But none of them works, so now what can I do? help...

zaeem amjad said...

yar naughty america ka login kam ni kar raha plz renew it plz

Unknown said...

Not working ...